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Stag Do's

Stag Do's

The ultimate Stag Do. Men with knives, saws, cleavers and meat. What a great start to your stag celebration. Butchery in a fun way yet some what informative. I have delivered dozens of Stag Do's to groups, as diverse as sixteen farmers from Essex to a dozen officers from the horse guards. Please not that the group size is a minimum of 12 people.

This experience starts with a laugh meet and greet and a coffee and then all the group will begin boning and cutting some meat. It might be a red stag carcase or it could be a side of Herdwick mutton. Throughout the days festivities I will be personally delivering a liberal helping of good Northern humour to the stag and as a matter of course to the assembled fellow revellers After that we will have an in-depth look, or not as the case may be, at:

- Farming

- Slaughtering

- Hanging and maturing and most importantly cooking and eating.

After the hands on we will consume a lunch made from some of the meat we have butchered.

This is for definite meat obsessives, as the meal will be a meat feast, with token potatoes and veg. Whilst we are eating there will be an opportunity to have an informal Q&A.

As people want to know more about the food they eat, they also become more interested in the provenance of their food and artisan skills. Butchery especially is coming to the fore. The programmes, like The Master Chef and all the vast array of cookery programmes that feature meat, focus on forgotten cuts of meat that people are unfortunately unfamiliar with these days. This experience will help to demystify some the whole farming to food process, and will help you appreciate a whole range of meat cuts.